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Get Rapala Fishing Cheat 🆗 MOD Rapala Fishing on Mobile 🆕 Golds for Free (NEW VERSION 2022)

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Where can I find legendary fish Rapala?

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Legendary fish can appear in any lake location in Rapala Daily Catch.

What is a legendary fish in Rapala?

There are four types of legendary fish in Rapala: We Fish. Legendary fish aren’t different from the original fish besides the size and weight. They take up the last four slots of fish in the records; 54,55,56, and 57.

How do you catch fish on Rapala fishing?

The moment a fish bites on the lure, quickly swipe upwards to place the hook in its mouth. The key word here is “quickly,” because if you aren’t fast enough, the fish will get away. Don’t fret if the fish gets away but it isn’t one you’re targeting in the challenge; there are lots more fish which you can catch.

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How do you unlock monster fish on Rapala Pro Bass?

You must catch 1 of the regular fish species for the Monster Fish (of that species) to become available/unlocked. Each Monster Fish has a particular lake they live in as well as a Season/Time. Each Monster Fish has a preferred Lure (See the Fish-o-Pedia), but will bite at almost any lure.


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